Our Story

Carolyn and Lindsey became friends as awkward homeschooled teenagers, sporting jean skirts and tennis shoes. It didn’t take long for the two to become connected at the hip. Many people thought this connection emerged because they were equally stubborn. For years, Carolyn and Lindsey worked the same summer jobs, listened to Eminem & Linkin Park CDs together, made daily trips to 7-11, and watched too much late-night TV.

Although many people saw the deeper connection between Carolyn and Lindsey, it took them almost a decade to realize that they were more than just friends. They were soulmates.

In 2014, Carolyn and Lindsey took a step into this new phase of their relationship. They traded the jean skirts for plaid shirts and hiking pants and officially began dating.

This past January, Lindsey and Carolyn were camping in the Florida Keys. They were watching the sunrise over the water when Lindsey pulled out a ring and asked Carolyn to have coffee on the beach with her for the rest of her life. After asking Lindsey, “Are you serious?” fifteen times, Carolyn agreed to be Lindsey’s partner for life. (Carolyn was wearing socks and Teva sandals during the proposal). Lindsey proposed with a raw diamond engagement ring, symbolizing their relationship: a little rough around the edges but beautiful on the inside.

Carolyn and Lindsey will continue their adventure together when they tie the knot somewhere on a mountain in Kauai in September. They don’t plan to wear plaid.